Women’s Crisis Care International provides violence crisis response, and training services for the development and implementation of crisis response programs, as well as community education programs. Additionally, we provide a safe and loving space for women who have experienced sexual or domestic abuse and are seeking counselling and/or social services. We do so by sharing our passion and expertise for women’s care with hospitals, medical groups and community organizations. Through this, we seek to reduce the long-term suffering of survivors of violence, as well as increase the overall health and happiness of women, one by one, throughout the larger global community.

WCCI provides emotional and informational support for women who have been subject to abuse. All services are 100% confidential. All women are welcome. Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Call us 24/7 at 3844 7855

Or, visit us at American Mission Hospital.
(Manama, Saar, Amwaj)


Women's Crisis Care International