From Crisis to Calm, Together

Women's Crisis Care International is the first and only violence crisis response center in the Arabian Gulf. WCCI provides violence crisis response services for victims of domestic and sexual abuse in Bahrain. Call 3844 7588 for 24 hour support in English, or 66710901 for 24 hour support in Arabic. You can also visit us at our official partner, American Mission Hospital, in Manama, Saar, or Amwaj. All services are 100% confidential and free of charge.  All women are welcome.        

Crisis Advocacy

WCCI provides emotional support and informational support for victims of domestic violence and sexual violence. All services are free and confidential and open to all women.

English helpline: 3844 7588.

6671 0901: خط المساعدة باللغة العربية

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Case Management

WCCI provides medium and long term goal-based support for those who need a higher level of care. All goals and sessions are based on the individual needs and wants of the client.

Casework management: 3844 7807

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