Women Moving Bahrain: Azza Al Hujairi

We are so excited to announce that we are re-introducing our series of features, Women Moving Bahrain. We love to celebrate fellow women and believe it is a key component to insuring an empowered future. Bahrain is home to many motivated, resilient and inspirational women and we want to shine the spotlight on some of these trail-blazing ladies with hope that it will inspire some others along the way.

This week's Woman Moving Bahrain is Azza Al-Hujairi. Azza is a gemologist, jewelry designer and founder of the successful line of fine jewelry, AZZA. On top of that, she is influential blogger and mother of two. She pivoted from a career in law during the early 2000’s to become her own boss and stay true to her creative side. Azza is finding success through honesty, openness, and following her intuition.

 Azza and I sat down over coffee at La Fontaine Centre for Contemporary Arts, where her private showroom is located. AZZA fine jewelry is a stunning collection inspired by the designer's lifelong appreciation for Bahrain’s rich history. La Fontaine, a location that perfectly matches the jewelry’s modern yet magically historic aesthetic is also a perfect backdrop for our conversation as Azza's personality and parenting style embody the best of both modern and traditional values.

The instagram blog, Newmomoldmom, started out as a journal. Azza had always kept a journal growing up so it was a natural transition to begin to document her experiences with motherhood. One thing that makes Newmomoldmom so unique is the candid tone. Azza chronicles the triumphs and challenges of motherhood as she posts anything from hilarious explanations of why a tantrum is happening, to frustration over picky eaters. These posts are sprinkled among others that share tips and encouragement for fellow moms.  

Another way Newmomoldmom encourages fellow mothers is by spreading awareness on a topic Azza is particularly passionate about…building the bridge of communication between hired nannies and new mothers. Azza believes in arming nannies with the tools to grow alongside the mother throughout parenthood, or as she describes it “investing in building your support system”. She has organized a series of training courses to help this happen.  Having to travel often, Azza stated that she appreciates the peace of mind knowing that she has built the nanny relationship on a foundation of trust and respect. “There is obviously still a level of professionalism but she (the nanny) is a part of our family, and if anything went wrong I know she would be comfortable telling me.”

Women like Azza are shaping, forming and lifting up communities around them whether it is online, in their own family, or in the families of others. Thanks to Azza for reminding us to follow our passions & share our knowledge among fellow women.

When Azza is not hosting private veiwings, travelling with her collection or promoting training courses, you can find her painting with her 4 year old daughter, as she does every morning.

You can check out AZZA fine jewelry at www.azzaalhujairi.com

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